17th Century
Reigning English (Stuart) Monarchs
James I - 1603 to 1625

Charles I - 1625 to 1649

Charles II - 1660 to 1685

James II - 1685 to 1688

William III & Mary II - 1689 to 1694

William III (alone) - 1694 to 1702


A gentleman.

A well to do merchant.

Circia 1630's

At Charles II's return to England the plain dress of the Puritans gave way to colour and lace. The waistlines dropped, bosoms were in and so were wigs for men and gorgeous fabrics.

His Lady

As the century went on women's corsets became stiffer and longer in front and lacy 'fontages' rose from their caps like small towers.

Men continued to glow with gold braid and feathered hats on top of longer and longer wigs.


A young girl.


A noblewoman in riding costume.

William III closed the century, but Queen Anne took the Stuart dynasty into the next, for fourteen more years.
The Lute player entertains a lady