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Jill no longer makes any new dolls, but continues to offer her last remaining 'dolls for sale' on this website.
Additional Options

1. The Boars Head Tavern. An Elizabethan balcony scene with Henry V, Pistol, Nym and Bardolf. Looking down from the balcony is Mistress Quickly ...£ 1,400

2. The happy Wizard ...£650

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3. Singing Angel 2 ...£330

4. Meeting Miss Haversham ...£1,000

5. Titania's Bower, Titania, Bottom and Puck ...£1,000

6. Gossip, ...£900

12. Victorian Working Boy and cart Boy...£150 Cart etc...£70

15. Toy pull-along horse...£15

16. Toy Carousel...£15

20. Poppy....£130

21. Suddenly it was spring...£400

28. Contemporary Doog with tammy ...£8 click to view close up

28. Contemporary Doog with tammy ...£8

40. The Lady and the Unicorn ...£500

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46. LARGER DOLL SERIES Vi and Albert - dockers children (b47) ...£1,400

48. LARGER DOLL SERIES Ariadne can be viewed in the 'Larger Dolls Gallery' ...price POA.

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